Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fitness celebrity John Basedow

If you don't know who fitness celebrity John Basedow is, then you're not watching enough daytime programming on the ESPN family of networks.

This 80s-inspired musclehead wants to turn you into an 80s-inspired musclehead, with his Fitness Made Simple tapes at $40 a pop.

Why on earth would you buy anything from this man? Just look at him -- his head is clearly photoshopped on somebody else's body. And his hair is clearly photoshopped on his head from Farrah Fawcett's circa 1977.

Fitness celebrity John Basedow, I don't fear your army of compensated endorsers. I don't fear your airburshed pythons. I don't fear your apparent ability to fight back an entire tsunami.

You're on notice, fitness celebrity John Basedow. What does that mean? The NaturalBlog challenges you to a fight. You pick the time and place, and whether you want weapons. I'll be there.


Blogger katiezez said...

Venue: Smithhaven Mall, Lake Grove (STRONG ISLAND), NY. Outside the Wet Seal or Steve Madden, so all the girls can watch.

Weapon: free weights (someone on Long Island is bound to have them on his person)

Audience: Dudes with Camaro keys in their pockets, ladies with perms and lots of muscle shirts. Possibly a celebrity appearance by Carmine Gotti Angelo or Joey Buttafuoco, although he's in LA working on his porn career. Don't forget the steriods - it wouldn't be a party without them.

November 16, 2005  
Anonymous Yer sister said...

What bugs me about this guy is that his tan lines are the wrong way; his face and neck are pale, his body is really dark. Weird.

November 19, 2005  

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