Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Overdue Props: Vol. X

My favorite candy has always been Snickers. Sure, my eyes have strayed a few times over the years. Who doesn't love Twizzlers at the movies? And then there was a long flirtation with Whatchamacallit in the late '90s. But Snickers has been my go to since childhood.

And that's why I feel almost guilty giving out these props, the long overdue variety, to Rolo caramels. There's something so inviting about their braces-ruining flavor, their shiny foil, their "They're small take two"-ness.

I don't know if they can overtake Snickers, but they're certainly a threat to Snickers' long dominance. The only drawback is that taking off that foil is so labor intensive. It's almost like the Rolos themselves created their protective covering as a response to natural selection.

Editors Note. Can you believe this is my 11th Overdue Props posting? What are the other 10? Click the link down there to the left, the one that says "Long Overdue Props," to find out.



Anonymous Meredyth R said...

You and I have extremely similar candy tastes, NB. Snickers has long occupied the top spot on my World's Greatest Candy Bars list, and Twizzlers is (are?) also my favorite movie food. In terms of interlopers that have entered the fray over the years, I've had a rocky, guilty affair with Ch*nky. It's been tough for me to admit it, though, because it's name, as you may remember, is on another list of mine -- Words That I Absolutely Cannot Tolerate.

April 17, 2008  

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