Thursday, April 16, 2009

He also ruminated on the horseless carriage

If I had my pick of journalism jobs, I'd likely choose Supreme Court beat reporter for The New York Times. The workload seems very reasonable, and you get to know the justices as well as anyone in the world does.

The New York Times had a piece last week about a speech Clarence Thomas gave in Washington, which contained several enjoyable nuggets.

Thomas on what's the matter with kids today: "Today there is much focus on our rights.... Shouldn’t there at least be equal time for our Bill of Obligations and our Bill of Responsibilities?”

Thomas on how he unwinds: "I look up wonderful speeches, like speeches by Douglas MacArthur."

And my favorite, Thomas on new-fangled technology:
I have to admit that I’m one of those people that still thinks the dishwasher is a miracle. What a device! And I have to admit that because I think that way, I like to load it. I like to look in and see how the dishes were magically cleaned.
I guess that he's living in the past is all the explanation we need for him being a Nebraska fan.



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