Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Live, local, late-breaking coverage

Let's have a Usquebaugh-baul. A Scottish distillery will offer a 184-proof whiskey. That's gonna be 92 percent alcohol, which would put it somehwere in between everclear and the Colin Farrell's blood alcohol content level.

Her name is Manley. A special committee of the National Baseball Hall of Fame has elected Effa Manley to the hall. She is the first woman to recieve the honor. Is it funny that the first woman in the hall of fame is named Manley?

George Michael is what? Former celebrity George Michael was arrested in England on suspicion of drug use. This comes on the heels of news earlier this year that he would be civilly united with his partner. Drug use? Homosexuality? George Michael, I hardly know you.


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