Thursday, February 23, 2006

The ankle, the blister, and the rock star

I talked about the Red Sox improved defense earlier this week, so now it's on to pitching.

The success of the pitching staff this year -- and in turn the team's overall success -- will depend largely on three things: the ankle, the blister, and the rock star.

Curt Schilling has had a whole offseason to rehab The Ankle, but he is old, and disliked. The team doesn't need the 2004 version of Schilling (227 IP, 3.26 ERA) to win, but it can't win if 2005 Schilling (93 IP, 5.69 ERA) shows up.

The marquee offeason acquisition is Josh Beckett, formerly of the Florida Marlins. He has tremendous upside, but also nagging blister trouble. He's had nine trips to the disabled list since 2002, two-thirds of them because of blisters. Blisters will not fly in Boston in September. The Red Sox must hire the world's foremost blister expert to head this problem off at the pass. I suggest the Violent Femmes.

The third key to the Sox success: improved production from the rock star who was moonlighting as a No. 5 starter last year, Bronson Arroyo. If he can focus on baseball instead of being in a crappy cover band (and stay away from twin extra long bunkbeds), his presence at the bottom of the rotation will take the pressure off the Nos. 3 and 4.



Anonymous the non-essential government employee said...

When your e-mail tagline said that today's blog contained a funny picture of Bronson Arroyo, I was really hoping it would be the one of him and the college chick.

I was all ready to comment on here that that was the picture that SHOULD have been on, if it wasn't.

But it was.

Once again NaturalBl0g comes through. Amazing.

February 23, 2006  
Anonymous She who breaks for Spring said...

"twin extra long bunk beds"

my day is better already.

February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Under 21 said...

Maybe when Broson becomes a real pitcher they'll let him into Daisy Buchanan's instead of a Northeastern dorm. But, then again, he'd probably end up there anyway.

February 23, 2006  

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