Friday, July 13, 2007

Mr. Butch, 1951-2007

Harold Madison, Jr., the mostly benign homeless man known as "Mr. Butch," has died in a scooter accident. He was 56.

Friends and family say he was killed when the scooter he was driving hit a pole, which is strange because it seemed to me his preferred method of travel was a drunken stumble.

You could usually find Mr. Butch in Allston, at least when he wasn't in state custody. Mr. Butch fans of another generation remember him as the King of Kenmore Square, where he smoke, drank and played air guitar before cops hassled him so much he moved up Comm. Ave.

His iconic leather jacket is hanging in an Allston storefront. There's a memorial Monday night.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the DFP, the Mixed Nuts will do a tribute concert. And the retarded guy on the tricycle will ride by in silence.

July 13, 2007  
Blogger Sebastian Dangerfield said...

During my WingIt delivery days, one of my responsibilities included cleaning up the parking lot out back.

My colleagues and I could always depend on Mr. Butch to show up and clean it for us in exchange for a medium order of wings.

He will be missed.

July 13, 2007  
Anonymous Meredyth R said...

I'm very behind in reading, and so sad to hear about Mr. Butch's demise, particularly in a way as undignified as a scooter accident. (Yes, I drive one. Yes, I'm sure I, too, will meet my end on it. But I don't deny it will be undignified.) And by the way, anonymous, if that really is your name, that's not "the retarded guy on the tricycle." He's The Moaner (who, btw, is indirectly responsible for the loss of my keys and Tiffany key fob last July 3). And I bet he moaned extra pathetically for Mr. Butch. RIP, Mr. Butch. I'll kill a 40 at the corner of Comm. and Harvard Aves. for you next time in the area.

July 30, 2007  

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