Friday, August 31, 2007

I remain unconcerned

I don't care if Dan Shaughnessy called the division weeks ago. I don't care if the Boston Herald declared "It's Over!" on Tuesday. I don't even care that the Red Sox got swept in New York. OK, well I care about the last thing a bit.

But if you didn't think this race was going to come down to the last week of the season, then you just haven't been paying attention for the last 10 years.

Er, 80 years.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are YOU worried about ? What happened to his tooth? Maybe the tooth fairy has it. Look that one up instead of the stats. Nini Z

August 31, 2007  
Blogger Sebastian Dangerfield said...

I concur. Too many cupcake games left for the Sox. This ain't no '78 redux.

Red Sox take the East. Mortal Lock. Yanks might not even get the wild card.

August 31, 2007  

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