Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let's get ready to Bumble

Fox debuted a new show last night that blends reality, news and sitcom. A struggling Texas TV station hires a bimbo as a news anchor. Cameras roll. Hilarity ensues.

My first reaction was to bemoan the death of journalism, the blending of news and entertainment, the sad commentary on blah blah blah. Just typing these bland and banal arguments makes my head hurt.

Actually, I don't so much mind. I mean, this Texas TV station is just admitting publicly what all the other stations do without the wink and the nod: They're hiring a pretty person who doesn't know anything about news.

Even the pretty people who do know something about journalism can be a little vapid.

Case in point: When working in a TV/radio newsroom, I got a stationwide memo from a recently hired anchor that said, in essence, "Hi, great to be at the station. Please stop using my Bumble & Bumble hairspray in the bathroom."

She's still in the market. You can write a guest blog if you guess her correctly.



Anonymous The Stringfellows said...

Sara Underwood!

August 23, 2007  
Blogger nate said...

I'm guessing then you've already seen this column:

August 23, 2007  
Anonymous holy moses said...

And then there is the grand daddy Bimbo blond of them all - Lou Dobbs, with his dire warnings about those with darker hair and skin color. Aryan indeed !

August 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


August 24, 2007  

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