Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fear not!

I know, Patriots fans, that you are afraid about Tom Brady's season-ending knee injury. I know you're worried that this guy might do the surgery, that Gisele will distract him during his rehab, that Matt Cassel doesn't even know how to dress himself let alone be an NFL starter.

I shared your fears, up until I read this email that came into my work account.

Subject: News tips/story ideas
Message: OKAY I HEARD ABOUT TOM BRADY AND I WOULD LIKE 2 HELP HIM IF HE DOESNT HAVE A TORN LIGAMENT I HAVE A CLOSE FAMILY MEMEBER THAT CAN fix him and get him ready for next Sunday or the following week after that just if he doesn't have a torn ligament or maybe not sure but its worth a try to get him back into the field.
I didn't post the phone number and address, but rest assured I'll get in touch with this guy and Tom will be on the mend before you know it.



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