Friday, April 17, 2009

Blago Update

Oh, Rod Blagojevich, how can we miss you if you don't go away?

The former Illinois Governor who was indicted in a bribery scandal is back in the news this week. Here's a copy of a note (and cartoon) he sent to Cubs manager Lou Piniella, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

In case you can't read it, the cartoon compares Lou's managing style to Rod's governing style. In a post-script, Rod suggests that Lou put Alfonso Soriano in the three-spot instead of batting lead-off.

That sort of incisive baseball commentary would make for great TV. And, lo and behold, Blagojevich is apparently in talks with NBC about appearing on a reality show called "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here."

I won't lie -- I'd watch.



Blogger Jerry Zezima said...

If this cheating, egomaniacal baseball fan goes to jail, would he become known as J-Rod?

April 17, 2009  
Anonymous foxyroxy said...

That heavy mop of hair must have smothered his brain .

April 18, 2009  

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