Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few thoughts on the pirates

The time has come for me to talk about pirates.

A 16-year-old pirate (right) will be in court today in New York. He's described by some as the ringleader of the group that took the captain of the Maersk Alabama hostage earlier this month. A 16-year-old ringleader. Really? What is this -- Lord of the Flies?

A friend recently asked, "Are you pro- or anti-pirate?" I'm a law-and-order type, so I guess I'm anti-pirate. Though I understand pirates blog, so I respect that.

Do you think the Pittsburgh Pirates might change their name because of all the bad press? Maybe they could become the Pittsburgh Seamen.



Blogger Jerry Zezima said...

The Seamen? It's a typo waiting to happen.

April 21, 2009  
Blogger Doug Shugarts said...

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been raped and pillaged so often they should be called the Gutter Queens.

April 21, 2009  

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