Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dead or Alive: Mona

I write an entry in the NaturalBlog's "Where are they now" series like clockwork, every six months. Today's Dead or Alive contestant: Mona from Who's the Boss.

The actresses name is Katherine Helmond and she's still alive. Or at least she was when I hit publish.

She celebrated her 81st birthday this month, though she has lost some of the luster of her lusty character. She's faded a bit from public view after her recurring role on Everybody Loves Raymond (14 episodes between 1996-2004). Most recently, she was the voice of the Model T in the Disney hit "Cars."

This makes me think of a new potential series on the NaturalBlog -- Which is older? Mona or the Model T. It's the Model T by a hair.



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