Sunday, December 18, 2005

Schwarzenegger Presidential Library

I caught some of the Sly Stallone vehicle Demolition Man on TV the other day. Embarassing as it is, I will admit to having seen this movie in the theater in 1993.

The plot, briefly: In the future, "San Angeles" (Calif.) has eliminated crime by cryogenically freezing criminals. One bad guy (Wesley Snipes) gets out during a parole hearing, and they unfreeze a former cop (Stallone) to catch him.

So when they're trying to figure out how Snipes escaped, they look at the list of people who were up for parole hearings that day, and one of them is Scott Peterson. Nancy Grace would have a heart attack.

How did the writers, so lacking in ability to write dialogue, accurately predict the future? And should this give us pause?

Later in the film Sandra Bullock's character (Lenina Huxley, a shoutout to Brave New World author Aldous Huxley) explains that Taco Bell is the only restaurant left in California.

But most disturbing, she talks about visiting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Libary. She explains that his popularity led to the passage of a constitutional amendment allowing foreign born Americans to become president. (Schwarzenegger was actually asked about this on Meet the Press last year. He simply laughed.)

Let's just hope the Demo Man writers went 1-for-3 on predictions.

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