Friday, January 06, 2006

Animal News Roundup

Several alert readers have let me know about unusual animal stories lately.

A cat named Tommy bucked the standard feline practice of eating its owner after death and instead somehow dialed 911 when the man fell out of his wheelchair and couldn't get up, giving new meaning to the phrase "cat call." (Thanks to Riptide for the link.)

In Ft. Myers, Fla., an avian veterinarian fashioned prosthetic legs made of bone pins and dental acrylic for a cockatoo that was ruthlessly mauled by its cagemate. It is apparently the first successful limb replacement for a cockatoo, though not the first time a cage match has proved ugly. (Thanks to K-Don for the link.)

And in the "I know he's not an animal but..." category: If Jack Abramoff's wardrobe is any indication, he's going to scrap that guilty plea and go with insanity instead.


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