Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BlaK? It suks

I tried Coke's new "effervesence with coffee essence" beverage BlaK the other day, and I am here to tell you not to make the same mistake.

BlaK, whose capitalization alone should have sounded a warning claxon, tastes like Coke, but if you ran it through your Sunday morning coffee grounds on Tuesday. There's also a hint of lime -- or maybe Froot Loops, I couldn't tell.

They should've named it BleCH, or maybe YaK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried it too! (I'm known for trying the oddest drinks here in the deep south...)

The first one was just OK - it was ice cold and I guzzled it down (hey, I was thirsty!)

The second one was worse.

The third one tasted metallic. I had to force myself to drink the fourth. BLECH!

May 23, 2006  
Anonymous wickedlocal girl said...

couldn't agree more. we were in nyc, so we thought we'd be hip and cool and drink BlaK while walking around manhattan. i drank about three sips then gave it to the wicked local boy who will eat or drink anything. he liked it and actually drank two.

and furthermore, i know people who drink coffee in the morning and others who drink coke. never once have i heard anyone request both -- mixed together. sick.

May 23, 2006  
Anonymous WLG said...

I don't eat and drink everything. I disagree with y'all. I like BlaK. It's bold and controversial. Maybe you guys just don't have as highly refined taste buds. Wake up and smell the BlaK!

May 23, 2006  

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