Wednesday, May 17, 2006

People send me funny news stories, and I pretend like I found them all on my own

Proving once again how difficult it is to be an analyst. A BBC job applicant got more than he expected at his interview when a producer put him on the air as a legal analyst. Apparently the guy managed to bullshit his way through it, raising the question of whether you'd want hire him because he can roll with the punches, or not hire him because he's clearly a liar.

A favorite of pedophiles everywhere. Hasbro says it will mark Play-Doh's 50th anniversary with a Play-Doh scented perfume. What's next -- pants that come with dirt stains?

And this differs from a regular Rick Sutcliffe interview how exactly? ESPN baseball analyst Rick Sutcliffe dropped by the broadcast booth at a Padres game and made some remarks that were described as "incoherent" and "rambling." They'd have been better off giving a microphone to a fake legal analyst.



Anonymous Meredyth R. said...

I wish Hasbro would celebrate Play-doh's 50th anniversary by just telling me that it's finally OK to to eat Play-doh. Even just looking at that picture makes me want to sink my teeth into its salty goodness.

May 17, 2006  
Anonymous wlgirl said...

- "why, what is that deliciously sexy, yet subtly salty, scent you're wearing?"
- "it's l'eau de playdoh. yummy"
(how gross. when will corporate america stop perverting our childhood memories? hehe)

May 17, 2006  

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