Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's really a wonder I don't watch more TV

Let's take a look at some of the highlights of the fall line-up.

Just another reason to run when you see Shannen Doherty approaching. Need help breaking up? Brenda can help. Oxygen TV has a new show this fall called Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty. No it's not about my torrid, post-90210 (would that be 90211?) affair with her, but where she runs around and pulls the plug on couples whose relationship is on life support. This show would only be good if they crossed it with that bounty hunter program.

CBS Cares. The new Survivor has castaways divided along racial lines. C'mon -- is this a Dave Chapelle skit? I'm totally rooting for the hard-working asians, by the way.

It's kind of dancing, and they're kind of stars. ABC is back with Dancing with the Stars again. I'm sad to say they've replaced Stacy Keibler (and her legs) with CNN castoff Tucker Carlson. The dude doesn't even sport the bowtie anymore. Hopefully Jerry Rice moonlights as a judge.



Anonymous yer sister said...

PS--One of the members of the black team is named Gonzales. I smell shenanigans!

August 31, 2006  
Anonymous yer sister said...


As I've never watched the show, I didn't realize Jeff Probst was so damn stupid.

But as long as the show gives white people the confidence to talk to their dentists about ethnicity, we're al better people, right?

September 08, 2006  

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