Friday, August 18, 2006

More snakes

Can you feel it, people? The excitement that grips our nation as the grand opening of Snakes on a Plane slithers toward us, just a few scant hours away.

If you see the movie over the weekend, please leave a comment -- just don't give away too much of the plot.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plot? You're expecting a plot?

August 18, 2006  
Anonymous saw it in Cleveland said...

Yeah. Don't expect much of a plot. Do, however, expect a movie so incredibly awesome that it shakes the very pillars of awesomeness.

And listing to Samuel L. Jackson if you want to live...

(P.S.--The movie theater I was in busted out in applause when he said his "famous" line. It was so great.)

August 21, 2006  
Anonymous I'm the copyeditor said...

Ooops, that's supposed to say "listen" to SLJ...

August 21, 2006  

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