Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wait a minute -- Christy is a man?

Even though last night's debate among the four Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates was moderated by the conspirator-in-chief, it was no cake walk for the Republican candidate Kerry Healey.

But this isn't a political blog, so I'm going to focus on the media aspect of the debate. Namely, how WFXT Fox 25 was kind enough to include the voices of regular every day people in the debate. And by regular people I mean the ultra wealthy and famous.

Sure, they did have a question from a Cambridge mom about the state's graduation exam, but they quickly dispensed with the political hoi polloi, moving on to a question from Shonda Schilling, wife of the Big Curt, then to one from celebrity chef Jasper White.

Maybe they just couldn't find any regular voters out there.

Or maybe it was part of a grander plan: After all, 75 percent of the candidates for governor (and 100 percent of the candidates who don't have mullets) are millioniares. Shouldn't they be made to answer the important questions that weigh on the minds of those who could buy and sell the NaturalBlog 10 times over?



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