Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Era of Good Sleep

The winter doldrums of the sports year are here: Just 180 minutes of football remain between me and Opening Day.

Televised spring training games are about as rare as chupacabra sightings, and I don't really get excited about college basketball until I reprise my role as office bracket guy, a thinly vieled excuse to create a spreadsheet.

There's only thing keeping me interested in ESPN's fantastic college baskeball overkill (Big Monday, Super Tuesday, ACC Wednesday, and Throwdown Thursday. Oh, who could forget Throwdown Thursday?), and that one thing is Sean McDonough.

The dulcet tones of the former Red Sox play-by-play man are like a sports siren song to me. I could listen to him call a grass mowing competition and still be interested.

Now that I think of it, ESPN-8 "The Ocho" actually broadcasts grass mowing, weekdays at 2.


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