Friday, March 09, 2007

Long Overdue Props: Vol. VI

To get the pulse of the people, I often turn to Paddy Power. He's not a man -- or not only a man, I suppose -- but an entire movement: an Irish gambling web site that lets you bet on everything from horses to poker to politics and American Idol.

Mind you, I read it for entertainment purposes only, but Paddy Power has provided enough entertainment that it now qualifies for entry into my very occasional series Long Overdue Props.

In this case, I suppose the props could really mean proposition bet.

And what are the Long Overdue Proposition bets on Paddy Power? How about the Anna Nicole baby daddy game -- Howard K. Stern is payin 7-2, or take the field at 9-1.

In the political field, the Irish are betting heavily on the democrats in 2008. The site is paying only 4-6 that a democrat will win the White House, 11-10 on republicans. Given the seemingly God-given ability by democrats to mess up newfound political power, I think the GOP might be a safe bet.

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Blogger Sebastian Dangerfield said...

Paddy to paddy, these bookmakers favoring the Democrats in 2008 demonstrates less about American politics than it does about Irish alcoholism.

Once Obama decided to run, it shifted a Republican victory in 2008 from Likely to Mortal Lock.

Voters across the nation currently queue to eat his vapid “I love you, you love me” message as a substitute for, say, something a touch more weighty than a two year senatorial stretch. In order to win the Democratic primary, Hillary (whose carpet-bagging puts Old Friend Romney to shame, but I digress) will have to play dirty. Being a nasty little shrew, she excels here and will secure a Pyrrhic victory. Her required negativity will miraculously make her even less popular than she already is outside of the Democratic Party, setting the table for Giuliani to Walk into the White House.

March 09, 2007  

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