Monday, March 05, 2007

Is Harold Reynolds a pimp daddy?

It was sad news in the NaturalBlog household when we found out that two-time all star and Baseball Tonight analyst Harold Reynolds had been fired by ESPN for sexual harassment, in large part because Mrs. N-B often characterizes him as cute. I respect him for his AL-best 60 steals in 1987.

So I was glad to see him fight back this week in a legal filing in which he claims the sexual harassment was actually a case of him offering to buy a woman lunch at the ESPN cafeteria. Though I fear this may be a case of "box lunch," I'll take Harold at his word for now.

One additional thought here -- Reynolds' ESPN contract (he was fired just a few months after signing it) was worth around $5 million. That's about 60 percent of what he made in his entire career.

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