Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From the vault

I've only done this once or twice before, but I'm feeling lazy so here we go.

I recently purchased my first Sam Adams Octoberfest six-pack of the season, and boy were those beers delicious. In their honor, I am reposting a sonnet I wrote to Sam Adams in the early era of the blog. I figure most of you weren't reading back in '05, back when I use to put creative effort into this blog, so it's safe to offer this poem, which is an encore of a post from November 28, 2005.

Born each September in Jamaica Plain
Your birth portends a season of great hope--
Of college football and big hurricanes,
Of fallen leaves, another Red Sox choke.

But faster than the Boston leaves do drop
Your taps replaced by bitter winter brews.
It comes too quick; I still can taste your hops.
They help hold off the stubborn winter blues.

I know the time is nigh when it gets dark
At 5, then 4, and then 3:45.
Your time in bars and stores, a fixed mark,
As selflessly you warm our chilly lives.

It's no surprise I hold you as the best.
Please rest in peace, my Sam Octoberfest.



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