Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Socks the Cat, RIP

I wrote a few months back that my favorite former first feline Sock the cat was near death, and it's with a heavy heart I tell you he passed away last week at age 20 (or maybe 19).

Socks won America's heart when freedom-hating liberal media types coaxed him out of the White House in order to take his picture, angering the President and first family.

According to this creepily detailed obituary, Socks fame spanned the globe after he was featured on a set of collectors’ stamps in the Central African Republic.

Buddy the Dog displaced Socks as the favorite pet in the White House, and upon the end of the Clinton Administration Socks went to live with former Clinton secretary Betty Currie in Maryland.

It's reported Currie will have him cremated. It's unclear if he has any survivors.

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Blogger Lucie said...

Has anyone on talk radio opined about whether the cat committed suicide or was murdered ? I really do miss the 90's.......

February 24, 2009  

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