Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fantasy baseball advice sought

I'm not really sure what to do about the Tim Wakefield situation. He's 2-1 on the season with a 1.86 ERA. I want to add him to my fantasy baseball team, but I know that as soon as I do, he'll tank. What's a fan to do?

Just writing about it now is probably enough to send him on a three-game losing streak.

As long as I'm on the topic, I'll point out that Wakefield has 180 career wins, which is bragable.



Blogger Doug Shugarts said...

You will note that the two top performers on the Sox roster this year are former Pirates. Ahem.

April 29, 2009  
Anonymous Nate said...

I feel the same way. As soon as the announcers last night said, "the bulls have made 16 of the last 16 of their free throws" I said, "game over, of course he's going to miss his next one."

the power of attention to detail seems to destroy these magical runs.

April 29, 2009  

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