Friday, June 05, 2009

Keep 'em Separated (at Birth)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the latest installment of a NaturalBlog staple, Separated at Birth.

Leading off, let's go with Sacha Baron Cohen in his role as Ali G and Mike Maddux in his role as Texas Rangers pitching coach. My friend at SportsCracklePop flagged the Maddux picture, and I did the rest. This resemblance is downright creepy. Are we being punk'd by Maddux?

Next we pair Dom DeLuise (RIP) and chef Paul Prudhomme. I've always gotten these two confused, thanks to their larger-than-life personalities and similar taste in headwear. It's easier to tell them apart lately, though, since only one of them is alive.

That's football writer Peter King on the left. On the right is George Wendt as barfly Norm Peterson from Cheers. Now I know what you're going to say -- I think all fat people look alike. Not so. Just those two above, and these two here.



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