Sunday, January 22, 2006

What's a gossip hound to do?

A great conflict is growing deep in the heart of the NaturalBlog. I find myself drawn more and more strongly each day to gossip rags and websites as my appetite for celebrity news grows out of control.

What started as a harmless People Magazine subscription has grown into a diabolical need to see candid celebrity photographs, read about their divorces and stupid baby names, and even make fun of them before the dozens (and dozens) of people who read this very blog.

I can't help but think of an interview with Bruce Willis, whom I believe to be magnanimous because he somehow hasn't manslaughtered Ashton Kutcher. When asked to name a job he wouldn't want, Bruce said he would never want to do any job that depended on the invasion of privacy of others.

He's right, I know he's right. But I feed this paparazzi beast each day.

What's an otherwise reasonable man who's hooked on gossip to do?



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