Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ted Furgeson, Bud Light Daredevil

If you haven't seen these commercials from Bud Light, well then you're just not living life to its fullest.

Ted Ferguson, Bud Light Daredevil, is known to take to on the gravest of challenges. To wit: Clad in helmet, goggles and elbow pads, he braves a shopping trip with his girlfriend during the NFL playoffs or even staying at work two minutes past five -- ON A FRIDAY.

But Ted Ferguson, Bud Light Daredevil, truly proved his mettle when he had lunch with his girlfriend next to a table of hot girls without looking over, not even once.

Too bad for Ted I'm a Miller Lite Man.

Ted Ferguson, this Miller's for you.



Anonymous bean stringfellow said...

"Apparently, the man likes a woodchime."


January 17, 2006  

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