Saturday, March 11, 2006

An incomplete list of things that didn't happen during jury duty

The NaturalBlog fulfilled his civic obligation yesterday, by spending four hours bored to tears in a jury room downtown. I am disappointed to report that I did not have a chance to shout "Objection!" at any time during my service. Here is a small listing of other things that I wished might've happened, but didn't.

  • I didn't see anyone wearing a robe.
  • No one said "I want the truth!"
  • A sleazy defense attorney didn't use a peremptory challenge on me.
  • I couldn't finish the Globe Friday crossword (hung up, in part, on a five-letter word for "court docket.")
  • Gene Hackman did not attempt to blackmail me in order to deliver a verdict for the gun industry.



Anonymous mrs. s said...

Might the crossword answer be "brief"?

March 13, 2006  

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