Sunday, March 05, 2006

We're out of ideas

The subject line does not refer to the NaturalBlog (exclusively anyway), but rather to tonight's Oscars.

The theory: Creativity for the mass audience has mostly run its course, and what we're left with is iterations on themes already constructed.

The proof: And the nominees are...

For best picture, a movie about a real author, a real senator and real terrorism.

For best actor, a guy playing that real author, a guy playing a real journalist and a guy playing a real singer.

For best actress, a woman playing a character from a book, a woman playing another real singer.

And that's the best of the best. Look at the dregs from last year. There's a remake of Kong, at least two more movies based on books (Narnia and Harry Potter and the Mystery of Puberty), and Kevin Costner pretending to be Dustin Hoffman. Aeon Flux (who'd have thought a real person could be as thin as a Japanime heroine?), Chicken Little, Rent. Remakes all.

I won't argue that our cultural creativity has run totally dry (Brokeback Mountain, Syriana), but I do wonder why there are so few original ideas that we end up with an Oscar slate full of retreads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem isn't a lack of original ideas, but rather that Hollywood doesn't have the balls to film them. They'd rather make safe bets.

They also don't have the guts to legitimize a gay love story with the top award. Heath Ledger's bare ass has been overlooked by the Academy for far too long, in my opinion.

Damn the Hollywood Machine!

March 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, Alessandra Stanley has a great line in her piece today in the Times:

There is something delicious and embarrassingly decadent about the national obsession with the Oscars — an entire country caught eating raw cookie dough while reading "in Touch."

March 06, 2006  

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