Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Whither productivity? I blame Google

It started innocently enough. I was using google two, three times a day, usually to look for misheard song lyrics or a baseball box score. But it wasn't long before I was up to a 20 hit a day habit. Then google's image search came along. Then gmail, which I leave open on a browser all day long.

But now google has gone too far. They've given me chat, meaning it's hard to even sniff productivity any more.

What's next? Google brain search, so I can index my thoughts?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess you're not kidding! Natural Bl0g does a bit on low productivity, and then disappears for days. It's almost as if Natural Blog is on vacation, or sequestered on a jury or something. C'mon Natural Bl0g. Your fans are demanding our daily dose!

March 09, 2006  
Anonymous K-Don said...

Overheard in a certain liberal newsroom.

DB quoted:

"Maybe I'm too old, but I don't think it's funny."

March 09, 2006  

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