Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who is Kevin Finnerty?

A quick (first-ever) spoiler alert for Sopranos fans who haven't seen Sunday's episode -- I'm going to talk Tony for a minute or two.

So where is Tony Soprano? Yes he's in a coma in a level one trauma center somewhere in New Jersey. But what about his bizarre dream sequence, in which he finds himself a non-descript Willy Loman, and takes on the identity of a man named Kevin Finnerty?

We first learn that Tony is marooned in Costa Mesa, Calif. when he looks up at a TV in a bar and sees news coverage of a fire, with the city name chyroned along the bottom of the screen. Flames closing in -- is he in hell? But the flames aren't there, so maybe it's purgatory; he is trapped there, unable to get home.

And what to make of the Buddhists who accost (and even slap) Kevin nee Tony in the hotel where he's staying? Do they signify a god angry with Tony over his life full of misdeeds?

What's more, what do we make of the fact that Tony's nom de coma Kevin Finnerty is an anagram for Never tiny fink? Is Tony going to turn state's evidence?



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