Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cervasio > Mae

I was going to write a post about how I liked NESN's new Red Sox field reporter Tina Cervasio better than the sports network's last hire, (ESPN bound?) Hazel Mae. But instead of talking about how Tina is more knowledgeable (and less plastic) than her studio counterpart, I think I have to make fun of her, especially after finding the picture above. (Tina's on the left.)

I also direct you here, where you can learn about her voice over talents -- ranging "from sexy (according to critics), smooth and deep, to fun and higher-pitched." She can do everything from "death, finance, charities" to a "sports-type, very energetic read."

Jersey, Brooklyn, and Staten Island accents available upon request, which bolsters my feeling that she's about two drinks away from taking off her suit coat to reveal a Bon Jovi t-shirt and belting out "You Give Love a Bad Name." Does anybody else feel this way?

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