Monday, October 02, 2006

Retro Week: Why Face is my favorite A-Team member

This week, the NaturalBlog uses the wayback machine to go back in time, to see what I might have written, had I been blogging at different points in my life. First up: 1983 and the A-Team.

If they asked me to be on the A-Team, it would be a tough day for Lt. Templeton "The Faceman" Peck. He would obviously be the guy they'd kick off to make room for me.

I mean, think about it. Face and I are both sauve, smooth in tough situations, and good with the women. All the girls in first grade like me. You can just tell. He drives that awesome Corvette with the red stripe, and his real name is Dirk.


Sorry, B.A., but Face is the guy that I want to be.

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Anonymous DJS said...

I dunno, NB.

George Peppard was once cast alongside the angelic Audrey Hepburn, only to find himself 20 years later chained to the set of a B-show, his machine gun barking in futility, thousands of shots never hitting the mark.

And he smoked cigars.


October 02, 2006  

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