Thursday, February 22, 2007

NaturalBlog News Update: Ripped from the Headlines Edition

I'll pay 2-1 that at least one of these ends up "ripped from the headlines" on Law & Order or maybe CSI.

I guess you could say the fat lady sang. A former New England Patriots coach sued two doctors for allegedly botching his gastric bypass weight reduction surgery. His star witness was heart-throb (and dad-to-be) Tom Brady. And during defense testimony, a juror started gasping for air and the two defendants rushed to his aid. The judge declared a mistrial, but you can't really blame the doctors for their actions. I mean, if I was in court and a blogging emergency happened, I would leap into action.

Mayhem. A man being led into the Barnstable County Courthouse on Cape Cod used his double-jointed thumb to slip out of his handcuffs and flee officers. He carjacked a guy, so police had a newspaper delivery van block his exit from a convenience store. Bonus: The DA witnessed the whole thing as he was buying his morning coffee, so he turned the case over to the Plymouth County DA. Do I smell a "Special Guest Star" brewing?

The case of the McMissile. A woman was sentenced to two years in prison in Virginia for throwing a drink cup from a fast food joint into someone else's car in a road rage incident. The charge was that she threw a missile -- to wit a cup of ice. A judge later reduced the sentence to probation. Good thing, too, because he might've faced his own two-year sentence if he threw the book at her.



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