Monday, November 19, 2007

You are the Separated at Birth

I had such a great time when my occasional political series You Are the Decider and my gimmicky Retro Week collided a few weeks back, so I'm please to try it again, this time with You Are the Decider and N-B's longest running gag Separated at Birth.


Alan Keyes is my kind of presidential candidate, a long-shot kind of guy who tells it like it is. If Marvin the Martian were more loquacious, I imagine he'd be the same kind of straight talker.

And speaking of people who don't have a shot of winning the presidency, here's Dennis Kucinich and Gollum, a pairing passed along by my good friend Biff Tannen. I will say this, Kucinich's wife is hotter than Gollum's.

And finally, here are Ghostbusters II villian Vigo the Carpathian and right-wing white knight Fred Thompson. One of my anonymous commenters passed this on, and I have to say these two are dead ringers. If we do elect Thompson, hopefully he's a better ruler than Vigo was.

Did you notice that each of these candidates is paired with someone fictional? I wonder what that says about our political process.

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Blogger nate said...

in the last senate race in Illinois, Alan Keyes was recruited from Virginia (or Kentucky) to run against Barack Obama. He didn't even live in IL.

He literally was an alien to us IL voters.

November 19, 2007  
Anonymous Holy Moses said...

In each case, I'll take the fictional character.

November 19, 2007  
Anonymous Mrs. NB said...

Holy Moses:

Amen. And I say that as someone who actually believes in evolution.

November 20, 2007  

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