Tuesday, January 01, 2008

You Are the Decider

There's a great Latin word "praeteritio," which means something to the effect of "In passing over this, I mention it." You've probably used it in arguments, when you say something like "I won't even mention the fact that ."

Republican Mike Huckabee (getting cleaned up at right) probably won't cop to being fluent in Latin, which is for the liberal effete (and Jesuits), but he's given a delightful example of praeteritio. Yesterday, he called a news conference to say how his campaign had produced a negative ad about Mitt Romney, but that he'd decided not to run the ad. Then he showed the ad.

Well played, sir. Do you think people see through this? Probably not.



Blogger Jerry Zezima said...

I am thrilled and slightly flummoxed to be the Natural Blog's first visitor of 2008! And I'm not even hung over, which explains why I am up so early. Do I win anything? (For the record, I want to be your 10,000th visitor, even though I can't be trusted with steak knives. How about a Slim Whitman album? I am sure operators are standing by. Happy New Year!)

January 01, 2008  
Anonymous Holy Moses said...

Yup, Mike, that is EXACTLY what Jesus would have done.

January 01, 2008  
Anonymous In response to Holy Moses Pn said...


January 01, 2008  

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