Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indiana Jones

Did you know there's a new Indiana Jones movie coming out? I'm pretty excited about it, because I'm a big fan of the first three films in this series, as well as the short-lived TV series spinoff "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles."

The new one is called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a title that doesn't make a whole of sense to me. Maybe they should've called it Indiana Jones and the Quest for Geritol. (Harrison Ford is turning 68 this year.)

Here's the trailer. Take a gander then read below to see if we noticed the same thing.

Did you notice "Roswell" was stamped on one of the cases in a chase scene? Do you think that means he's battling aliens? Does that mean he's going to team up with his old gang?



Blogger Rachel said...

Some things I learned from the Vanity Fair cover story:

-This one is based more around sci-fi than archeology. Bring on the aliens!
-It's set in the 50s instead of the 30s like the others so Harrison's age is factored in.
-Indy still did all his own stunts. Of course.

I am also pretty excited. The first three were definitely some of my favorite movies growing up. My fam would watch Temple Of Doom together frequently, and when the one baddie gets crushed in the rock roller, my dad would say, "Well, they could only film that scene once." Every.Single.Time.

February 21, 2008  
Anonymous Aborvitae said...

I loved Indy Jones so much, I named my cat, rest his soul, after him.

February 22, 2008  

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