Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I guess this means Mose Schrute will return

Ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare has ended. A 100-day strike by Hollywood writers is over, and the nation is free to once again laugh, cry, and enjoy canned laughter in 22-minute increments.

I may be overstating it. Since I mainly watch sports, I didn't even really notice the strike. (I have gotten hooked on American Gladiators, but as anyone who has listened to the contestants' cringe-worthy mic work can tell you, that show can't possibly have any writers.)

There's only one program I regularly TiVo, which is NBC's The Office. But to be honest, this season's pre-strike episodes weren't all that great. Jim & Pam finally getting together has sapped the show of its most enduring storyline. Most of the episodes take place out of the office now, and they've somehow managed to turn Dwight into a sympathetic figure. Shark jumped.



Blogger sileru said...

more office items encased in jello - that is all the show really needs! (would i make a good scab? you decide)

February 12, 2008  

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