Thursday, May 22, 2008

If Bill Belichick coached the Red Sox

On the suggestion of a co-worker, I thought about a world where Bill Belichick was not the notoriously tight-lipped head coach of the New England Patriots, but the manager of the Boston Red Sox. How might he have reacted to Jon Lester's no-hitter Monday night?

Let's imagine it together.

Q.: Bill, what did you think of Lester's performance tonight?
B.B.: Well, he walked a couple guys. He made an error in the field out there. There was a real lack of focus at times, and that's something that we'll look at when we go back over the tape.

Q.: Bill, you seem perturbed at Lester.
B.B.: Well he threw a lot of pitches out there. I think there's improvements he be making with his efficiency. That's all I'm saying.

Q.: When did you notice he had a no-hitter going?
B.B.: I didn't. That's something you guys keep track of, not me. I'm not interested in that stuff.

Q.: Can you talk about some of Lester's history -- coming back from cancer, winning the World Series, now a no-hitter.
A.: I can't comment on any medical issues. Ok -- no more questions.



Anonymous Kevin said...

This is spot on, my friend. I think Belichick is very keen to notice some improvements could be made to Lester's outing.

June 01, 2008  

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