Monday, May 12, 2008

Prepare to gladiate

Tonight, NBC brings back my favorite show from last season: American Gladiators. I'm unabashed in my love of this program, which helped the peacock weather the storm of the writers strike.

I would make one suggestion, though. I'd like less time spent delving into the challengers' motivations with mamby-pamby features and more time with them sparring against the gladiators.

Can you help me out with that, Titan?

That looks like a "yes" to me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I demand more Hellga.

May 12, 2008  
Anonymous some guy said...

I saw the photo and immediately thought this was another "my 7th grade classmates used to say I looked liked..." post.

I know I get mistaken for TITAN all the time - figured you did too.


May 12, 2008  
Anonymous some gal said...

He has less armpit hair than me.

May 12, 2008  
Anonymous biff tannen said...

No one beats my boyfriend, Malibu:

May 14, 2008  

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