Monday, June 09, 2008

Yesterday's animal news today

He'll be made into the McRib. A chicken that had bravely taken up residence outside a Temecula, Calif., McDonald's has been rounded up after a four-month reign of terror. The chicken managed to elude the capture since the winter, but eventually got too comfortable in its environs. The bird was captured after it slept on the drive-through window. It will not be made into McNuggets because those don't come from chickens.

Also, puerile. Monkeys using nothing but their brains were able to control a robot arm, using it to reach for food. This scientific magic was made possible by tiny sensors in the monkey's brains. One of the monkeys used the robot arm to write out a note reading, "Please stop dressing us up like people. We find it pedantic and callow."



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