Friday, July 25, 2008

Dead or Alive: Shadoe Stevens

I'm going to take the suggestion of a longtime reader and finally start running a "Where are they now?" series, which I will title "Dead or Alive." We're going to start at the very top, which is to say we start with Shadoe Stevens.

Right off the bat, I'll break this news: Shadoe Stevens is alive.

I know him as the announcer and regular guest on The New Hollywood Squares from 1986 to 1989, but he has found work in the intervening 19 years. Most recently he was the announcer of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Shadoe Stevens is not his real name, by the way. He's actually Terry Ingstad of Jamestown, North Dakota. He was billed as the world's youngest DJ when he had a show on KEYJ at age 10, way back in the 1950s. That honor has since been given to a seven-year-old British boy.

When he's not making money with his golden pipes, he's trying to make money as an artist, at least according to this web site. On the left is a work called "The Inexplicable Perplexity of Vertical Pandemonium."



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