Monday, December 01, 2008


Occasionally I ask myself, "Who is stealing my thunder?" Often I'm just being rhetorical, but today I pose the question literally.

Here are several blogs that are busy in the thunder-stealing business. First up, we've got, which jumped on the blogging train early enough as to sew up my domain name without that nettlesome zero. And what does this blog cover? Nothing. There's not a single posting since its 2002 inception.

I am also annoyed, however less so, at, which is about the "adventures of raising a teen and a tween in the 21st century deep south." I guess I can't fault the Natural Momma, as the blogger is known, since she bought the domain, but has apparently stopped paying for it. Also, it seems we have different target audiences.

I have nothing but respect for, which seems to be a legitimate enterprise that keeps up with a baseball team called The Naturals. It hasn't been updated since June, but who am I to judge -- I took a month off this fall.



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