Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's funny that the worst case of nerves at yesterday's presidential inauguration belonged not to the new president but to Chief Justice John Roberts, who flubbed the lines Barack Obama was to repeat in taking the oath of office. (Sidenote: Obama used the same Quran as Abe Lincoln!)

Roberts put "faithfully" in the wrong spot. A gracious Obama paused in order to give Roberts a chance to fix the mistake.

I guarantee this mistake leads to a lawsuit claiming Obama isn't actually president because he didn't properly say the oath. Y'know, from those same patriots who say Obama is a terrorist Muslin half-breed.

One other note from the inauguration festivities. When I saw Dick Cheney in a wheelchair (because of a back injury sustained while moving to his new place -- riiiiiight), I couldn't help but think of Mr. Burns. Not really sure why.



Anonymous foxyroxy said...

At least he didn't have a hole in the sole of his shoe. Great picture. Thats better than limping out of office. He has had quite a ride.


January 22, 2009  

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