Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hostage? More like hot-stage!

Now that she has been released safely and we know that she was not physically harmed, I am ready to talk about the case of Boston-based reporter Jill Carroll.

What I've wanted to say since she was kidnapped in January is: Damn, girl looked good for a hostage. I mean, really, given the stress she must have been under, she didn't even have any break-outs. I can only hope I look so good if I'm ever abducted.

And on that, I'd like to ask my friends and family that they only supply good-looking photographs to the authorities, in case I am ever missing (or wanted). No red eye. No drunken smiles. No razor burn.

Thanks in advance.



Anonymous K said...

And after all that consternation over critical fallout, you get a goose egg, guy.

Perhaps no one has begun their Google searches for "hot" and "Jill Carroll" just yet.

March 31, 2006  

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