Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dick Cheney is quite vanilla when he's not shooting people

You might've seen this somewhere else, but that won't stop me from passing it along.

"It" is the document Dick Cheney's advance people give to hotels where the Vice President is staying, with a list of his required amenities. Nothing too shocking here, like the flavored condoms or bowl-of-Skittles-with-all-the-purple-ones-picked-out type requests that you sometimes see from rock bands.

In fact, it's a little disappointing that the Veep is so predictable. Thermostat at 68, diet caffeine free soda, and -- of course -- the TV tuned to the official media partner of the White House, Fox News.

I just assume the instructions on where to put the coffin he sleeps in are on the reverse of this page.



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