Sunday, April 23, 2006

All stars of ugly (active players only)

And here's how I'd bat them.

3B Kevin Youkilis
SS Edgar Renteria
CF Hideki Matsui
LF Barry Bonds (Ugly on the inside)
DH Frank Thomas
1B Jim Thome
C Jorge Posada
RF Jeremy Burnitz
2B Jorge Cantu

SP Randy Johnson
CP Keith Foulke



Anonymous Mrs. N-B said...

Brilliant! Not only is Randy Johnson ugly, also looks like he shouldn't be let within 100 yards of an elementary school.

April 23, 2006  
Anonymous bean stringfellow said...

which is hard for him, mrs. n-b, because of all those illegitimate children.

April 23, 2006  
Anonymous Sebastian Dangerfield said...

Randy "Big Unit" Johnson...does a name in mlb with more sexual innuendo exist?

April 24, 2006  

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