Thursday, April 20, 2006

Here's looking at you, kid(s)

People occasionally arrive at my blog via a search engine, and while I welcome all comers sometimes I wonder what kind of people I'm attracting.

When I made a throwaway joke about Marilu Henner, someone logged onto the site the next day from an IP address in Italy, after googling her name. I can only assume it was Marilu herself, until information to the contrary becomes known.

Many have logged on looking to see if the name Tony Soprano assumed in his coma was an anagram for something. Fortunately for them, I'd already done the heavy lifting.

Lots of people come wondering "Why so blue, panda bear?" And a handful link from the Washington Post to my extremely inappropriate joke about an autistic boy. D'oh.

But my "Who is searching for this?" hall of famer must be Cathy Poulin, the semi-sexy siren who appears alongside Bob in the Bob's Discount Furniture ads. About five people a day end up on the NaturalBlog after searching for her on google. Usually, they've also included "hot" or "naked" in the search string.

I just got a great idea on how to boost traffic:

Cathy Poulin naked Cathy Poulin naked Cathy Poulin naked.

There. Are you happy, sickos?



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