Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What happend to President Palmer?

Let us examine the curious career path of President David Palmer. He started off with what is arguably the best job around, president of the United Sates, on the first couple seasons of 24 on Fox.

But politics is finicky and Palmer was out.

Unlike many ex-presidents, he didn't fade into the ether, skydiving for fun or maybe building homes for the poor. After a brief sojourn as a ubiquitous pitchman for State Farm, the public service (and primetime) beckoned again, and he was back as anti-terror agent Jonas Blane in the new CBS show The Unit.

If actor Dennis Haysbert continues this slow sad slide, I'm afraid he'll end up in the 2009 NBC drama "The Dogcatcher," before he's eventually exiled to hosting Real Stories of the Highway Patrol on Spike.



Anonymous jlb said...

You forget the career-launching roll that Dennis had as "Pedro Cerrano" in the cult classic (or something) Major League.

He was the guy with the voodoo shit.

HIs head seems to have gotten a lot more massive since then...

April 13, 2006  

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